Khalil Mamoon Tall Trimetal Hookah

Khalil Mamoon Tall Trimetal Hookah

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One of the taller Khalil Mamoon hookahs around, the Trimetal Tall hookah is a gorgeous piece that would make a perfect addition to any hookah lounge or retail store. This 38" tall hookah pipe is made of stainless-steel and features sections with copper and gold wash to give it the beautiful contrasting metal colors. The Egyptian style Trimetal Tall will come included with a glass base, a 72" long Khalil Mamoon signature hookah hose, and a clay Egyptian hookah bowl.


The Trimetal Tall hookah is made by hand, and it's built to last! The shaft flares out numerous times, and is certain to stand out! Made of stainless-steel, this hookah is incredibly durable, built to last for years and years. Stainless-steel will never rust or corrode, so if treated well you can expect many years of great smoke sessions from the Trimetal Tall. The downstem, also made of stainless-steel, is a medium gauge that is designed to give smokers an experience similar to what they'd find in a Cairo hookah cafe. Never worry about ghosting shisha flavors, one fast rinse with water will ride lingering shisha flavor profiles and get the Trimetal Tall ready to go!


It's important to remember that each and every Khalil Mamoon hookah is handmade and not by machines. This means there will be slight variations in details, welding spots, the finish, etc., between every Trimetal Tall. These differences do not alter the exceptional quality smoke sessions we've come to expect from Khalil Mamoon hookahs!

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