Khalil Mamoon Ice Hookah

Khalil Mamoon Ice Hookah

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The Ice General, this hookah is commanding and quality. At 31" tall, the Khalil Mamoon Ice General hookah pipe is a beautiful hookah that combines looks with functionality, with a hearty helping of longevity. Made of stainless-steel, and with gold and copper accents along the shaft as well as hand-etched designs, this is a beautiful hookah you will love.


This hookah features an ice chamber beneath the coal tray, a popular hookah addition that chills smoke sessions for a super smooth experience! Simply fill the chamber with ice cubes and let it cool the hookah smoke as it flows through the downstem. The ice chamber is completely sealed off from the rest of the hookah, so no worries about it leaking - just pour it out when you're finished with the session.


Being made of stainless-steel has its perks, aside from looking great. Stainless-steel will never rust or corrode, which means this hookah will lead a long life if treated with care. The Ice General's downstem, also made of stainless-steel, will never easily hold onto annoying ghosting shisha flavors. One quick rinse with water and it'll be good to go for the next sessions.


It is important to remember that each and every Khalil Mamoon is made by hand, not mass produced by machines. This means each Ice General hookah will have slight differences from the next. Each one is unique!